I am an American artist  undefined by genera.  I  work with all media including site-specific installations, sculpture and the  theater.

    My artwork has been exhibited internationally and resides in several national and international collections.  In addition to an active studio practice, I have been a biology and art educator at universities in Washington and Minnesota.

     In 1996, I originated Stem Cell Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The studio’s name refers to the undifferentiated cells of multicellular organisms.  Because of their totepotentiality (they are able to become any organ or structure in a living organism) they are an apt metaphor for the interests and philosophy of this studio.  Here a variety of ideas ranging from formal aesthetic frameworks, to the history of and unintended consequences of scientific discoveries are given form.  I am interested in a variety of art forms ranging from ancient relics to thought experiments that challenge what art is and why anything exists at all.

     I began my professional life working first with the respiratory biology of Coelenterates before researching the functional constituents of human lung surfactant in the 1980’s.  My respect for and fascination with nature and its’ complexities drew me into biological research.  My growing interest in intersectionality of Biology, Philosophy, History and Aesthetics soon put me on at different track that led to studying Art, Art History and Contemporary Critical Theory.  With these new tools I could explore new and more personally meaningful terrain that still addresses my foundational desire to understand who and why we are.

Curriculum Vitae Available Upon Request

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