Getting LUCKY


LUCKY is the “anomaly”, the “other”, the “odd ball”, the “outlier”.  This can be a position of shame or empowerment depending the onlooker’s expectations and need.  In this installation, LUCKY is one plus 99 identical clones (think of:  “99 bottles of beer on the wall…”).  A broadcasted (in the gallery) audio refrain reciting the names of the clones always stops at “LUCKY” because, well, “LUCKY” doesn’t fit the expected pattern and the orator must wonder why.  Their queries explore their thoughts and feelings towards LUCKY from positions of hate, necessity, indifference, utility and, of course, love.  The gallery is tense with mean jokes and slanderous commentary. Meanwhile, LUCKY is off in a corner of the gallery with a looped video of his playful interactions with a couple of pigs!

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