Cloning Errors and How I Tried To Get Rid Of LUCKY


“Cloning Errors…” addresses the one of the primary problems inherent in the technology of cloning animals: errors.  These errors are necessarily inherent in genetic processes beginning at the level of nucleotide substitution and throughout the developmental process to birth.  Crisper Technology has a way of correcting for these errors but this practice has yet (and is unlikely) to offer complete control of genetic events.

“Getting Rid Of LUCKY” is a metaphor for getting rid of errors.  To date, it can’t be done.  But, isn’t that also a favorable outcome?  Errors in the genetic process are the reason we exist.  Were it not for genetic errors, evolution could not have occurred.  Adaptation is best achieved by those organisms biologically suited to the new environmental or behavioral condition.  “LUCKY” is both a mistake and the inheritor of the future – an anomaly suited for change.  

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