Drawing on Wallpaper


Wallpaper adorns many of our domestic interior spaces.  We come home from a days’ work and relax in spaces that are decorated with patterns and colors ostensibly meant to be pleasurable and relaxing.  Some wallpaper patterns are vibrantly colored or designed to shimmer light as we move about the room.  Wallpaper also shares in our experiences by providing the backdrop for our feelings, our thoughts and our behavior.

These drawings on wallpaper contemplate returning home to recover from surgeries.  Confined to a bed, left to contemplate and recuperate from bodily trauma.  As an added twist, I have associated some of these artworks with the artwork and patterns of artists (Peter Halley, Elsworth Kelley, Sol Lewitt, and Piet Mondrian).  The wall “drawings” by Sol Lewitt can be viewed as wallpaper equivalents. 

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