Cosmology is a joint effort by physicists, astronomers and, historically, philosophers and theologians to understand the physical universe as a unified whole.  A labyrinthine trail of beliefs about our place within the cosmos follows in the wake of this effort.  The cosmos – once the immediate home of our personal deities – has now become an incomprehensible celestial complex of galaxies like our own.  Humanity’s place and value within this mystery is now more bewildering than ever.  This complex journey was accelerated by many technologies and none more important than rockets that propelled satellites (essentially metonyms for our own bodies) into space.  These satellites not only enabled us to look into the universe but to also monitor ourselves. 

The  artworks presented here explore this historical and current relationship we have with space.  “Satellite Surveillance” installations delineate the spaces within our ostensibly private dwellings that satellites monitor daily.  The “Satellites” series explores my childlike desire to participate in space exploration.  And, “Satellite Sex” is the future.

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