Southern Theater – Minneapolis


Commissioned by the Southern Theater (Minneapolis, MN) for the Electronic Eyes Festival in 2008.  Eyes were projected onto the theater’s exterior wall above the entrance and visible at a distance.  The audio being listened to by the person whose eyes were being projected outside was simulcast to headphones at a station inside the theater lobby.  Unlike TV (where a watcher vicariously shares an experience that only the watched can personally know and understand), both the pre-recorded subject and the public participant (listening at the lobby station) independently and simultaneously create similar, highly charged “movies” in their minds from provocative audio books, poems and diatribes (all written and produced by Minnesota artists).  Upon returning outside to the projected eyes the public participant searches the other’s eyes for the content they had previously and independently experienced.   Can they locate their own images and emotions in the other?  Did the other feel as saddened, frightened or humored?  Was the other’s response altered by their age, gender, ethnicity or experience?  Are the “eyes the window to another’s soul?”  I believe they can be.

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