D is for Drawing


This project was jointly conceived and performed with the late Swiss artist and filmmaker Bernhard Huwiler (1957-20).   Our idea was to create a tool for making large-scale drawings overland that could be only fully visualized from the distant sky but experience intimately as if the drawer were the pencil tip.  The medium (blue sand) is delivered to the ground through a tube moving in response to the analogue movements of a walking body.  

Maps of Drawing Sites and Paths

Performance Images & Video

Video sample of "Line Between Homes"

Drawing Visions of Space

Gerald Smith and Bernhard Huwiler, 1997, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Videos of drawn lines (Between Two Homes, Spiral to Intermedia Arts and Signatures) are projected onto the floor and onto a frosted glass plate near chairs.  Super-8 film of the walking feet of the “draftsman” are projected on the wall above the viewers.  Audio of the performances (car horns, walking in the snow, children playing, talking pedestrians) are projected into the exhibition space.

Writings and Press

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